Rhythms Made Simple E-Course

Rhythms Made Simple E-Course

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Maybe your life feels sorta offbeat?

It may feel hard to pinpoint the EXACT feeling, but it’s a lot more “missing the mark” and less “building a family you’re proud of” when it comes to living your day-to-day.

Need more specifics? Think through these questions:

  • Do you feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel, trying to keep up with the demands of life while feeling burnt out?

  • Are you a parent of young children struggling to find balance and rest amidst all the chaos?

  • Do you see the benefit of living in a more intentional ebb and flow, but you need help with consistency?

  • Does it feel like the only way you can describe your life is “busy?”

  • Do you arrive at the end of your days feeling like you were running the whole time, but still didn’t get anything done?

  • Finally, do you have dreams for the kind of family life you want to build but you feel like you’re nowhere near making that happen?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we created Rhythms Made Simple for you.


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    I absolutely love this shirt! So soft and comfy. And such a sweet reminder that Jesus always provides enough for today

    Katie W.

    I love my Walk in love shirts so much. Only t-shirts i wear now!

    Heidi R.

    Love this shirt! Fits perfect, as they ALL do! The reminders are what I love the most about these shirts!

    Sharon A.

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