The Family Plan Calendar

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The Family Plan Calendar is a weekly calendar designed to keep your family on the same page. 

The family plan calendar was born out of necessity, because we were feeling like we were just surviving life at home as a family, and not thriving as a family.  On the other hand, as small business owners we had all sorts of tools in place to plan, execute, grow, and stay organized. But then we would come home, and instantly life felt scattered again. It was because of that feeling that the Family Plan Calendar was born.

We tried monthly wall calendars, whiteboards, and apps to try to bring order and planning to our home life, but nothing was a good fit.  We wanted a well-designed weekly calendar, that wasn't on our phones, that would be the central hub for what was happening each week for our family.

We went to Target and picked up a few poster boards and started creating the DIY version of the Family Plan Calendar.  As we started using it week in and week out, we began to notice peace in our family life. Plus, way less frustrating moments of, "Wait, what is happening???"

Every Sunday afternoon we would sit down to have a planning session and fill up the week with our to-do's, plans, our word of the week and who we were praying for as a family. And each week we felt it changing the rhythms and pace of our home life. :)

After quite a few poster board versions we launced on Kickstarter and sold over 326 calendars in a few weeks!

Calendar Specs

  • - 17 x 20 
  • - 26 pages (half a year)
  • - Non-dated (so you can start whenever it arrives)
  • - Black and white minimal design, perfect for any home decor style
  • - Made in the U.S.A.

Thank you so much for your support! We can't wait to hear about how the Family Plan Calendar helps your family win back quality time with the ones you love most.

Learn more about the calendar in this video:


Customer Reviews

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We are loving the Family Plan calendar - it's been a great addition to our household of 6, and we are all enjoying our weekly "meeting" to plan our week/write out the calendar, and then following it throughout the week. Thanks!

Great Visual for Family Schedule

We are working on teaching our girls about being intentional with their time and also giving more order to our family schedule. My husband and I maintain a shared Google calendar which is great for us, but it kept our four daughters (ages 2 years through 10 years) in the dark. This calendar has been great! They can see the week coming up. We hang it low enough for them to not only read, but also to add prayer requests, reasons for gratitude and to the grocery list. (We are working on them not only listing candy ;) We are also just starting to implement more chores to teach responsibility, and there is plenty of room on each day for them to stamp when they have finished that day's chores. They love stamping and the visual encouragement of having completed their tasks. We are still refining how we use the calendar to coordinate the word of the week with our family devotions, but I love how there are ways to tie various elements of our family life into visual reminders/encouragement. Like I said, it's hung low enough for them to ready and interact with and their chore charts are above it and stamps beside it. And I've also been a menu planner but the kids are enjoying knowing what's coming up for the week (well, sometimes. Other times they start formulating their objections in advance...) Great product especially for families who want to prioritize their time together and be intentional with how they spend their time.

Love this calendar!

This calendar has been great for our busy family of 5! We have sports almost every night and this has helped us all to be on the same page with the plans for the week. I also love having the spot for the word of the week and my boys like to come with their idea for this for each week. Get this calendar, you won’t be sorry!

Just what I was looking for!

Love this calendar and it's exactly what I was hoping for to keep our family organized on a weekly basis. It's perfect for my kids to look at to see what's for dinner or what activities we have planned for the week. Now they don't always have to ask me these things but can look on the wall and see it all at a glance! The layout is great, the extra spots for prayers and thankfulness are awesome, and I love the large size! Yay!!