Strong Feelings Sticker



We all have feelings that burn bright like the fires of 10,000 suns and on the walk in love. podcast we call those STRONG FEELINGS *Huh!*. One of our oldest segments, it's a time during the episode where we share things that make us burn bright.

And the nice thing about strong feelings is that they don't just have to be negative, they can also be positive.

Our strong feelings have included but are not limited to

  • hating the feeling of water running down your arms when washing your face
  • a passionate dislike for roundabouts
  • loving the game apex legends
  • loving the buttclenchers
  • wishing modern movies were better

and much much more.


We receive messages all the time about people who say they looked at that their water bottle, laptop or notebook and saw one of our stickers giving them the exact encouragement they needed.  We love that these stickers can encourage you at school, work or at home.


  • 2.23" x 3" -- thick, durable vinyl, die-cut sticker.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor placement.