Okay I Love You Bye Sticker



This phrase originally started as a joke. Anytime I (T.J.) would be on the phone, I would wait until the person hung up and then say, "Okay I Love You Bye."

Brooke would ask with a confused face, "Who were you talking to?"

And I would reply, "Oh, I was ordering pizza," or say who I was talking to and it never made sense that I would end a call that way.

She would laugh, and it would make my day.

So when we started recording the podcast, we didn't know how to end each episode, so early on, I said, "Okay I Love you Bye," and it stuck.

Brooke sometimes gets emotional thinking about the last episode we ever record being titled, "Okay I Love You Bye."

Hopefully that episode isn't for a long, long time.


We receive messages all the time about people who say they looked at that their water bottle, laptop or notebook and saw one of our stickers giving them the exact encouragement they needed.  We love that these stickers can encourage you at school, work or at home.


  • 3" x 2.93" -- thick, durable vinyl, die-cut sticker.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor placement.