Okay I Love You Bye Keychain


This phrase originally started as a joke. Anytime I (T.J.) would be on the phone, I would wait until the person hung up and then say, "Okay I Love You Bye."

Brooke would ask with a confused face, "Who were you talking to?"

And I would reply, "Oh, I was ordering pizza," or say who I was talking to and it never made sense that I would end a call that way.

She would laugh, and it would make my day.

So when we started recording the podcast, we didn't know how to end each episode, so early on, I said, "Okay I Love you Bye," and it stuck.

Brooke sometimes gets emotional thinking about the last episode we ever record being titled, "Okay I Love You Bye."

Hopefully that episode isn't for a long, long time.


1.5 inch enamel keychain