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"A resource guide for anyone looking to implement an Instagram strategy, create smarter content, and streamline the sharing process from start to finish."
Topics Covered:
  • strategy
  • what to post
  • frequency
  • content creation tips
  • adapting to new features
  • growth (profile 101)
  • stories + igtv
  • the "test & measure" method

Also Included: Examples of our Instagrams with descriptions, our favorite apps and resources, and "to do" prompts for you to follow, and more!


We’ve been running our businesses on social media for 13+ years, and thankfully, have learned a thing or two along the way. This guide will make your life easier by teaching you how you create + share your content in a way that becomes second nature, thus streamlining the social media aspect of your business. If you feel like you don't have a strategy when it comes to running your Instagram, this guide is for you! We, like everyone else on Instagram, started with zero followers. Over the past few years, we've grown our @walkinlove following to over 80k, and during that time we've been able to turn our brand into a six-figure business by following the strategy + concepts in this guide. We strongly believe that by following the concepts and strategies in this guide you will give yourself the best chance to reach a wider audience, simplify your methods, and improve your quality of life; therefore, making time for the things that matter most to you. Let's do this!  - Brooke & T.J.  


"Brooke and TJ have done what many brands can only hope to do, create an authentic online community of thousands of raving fans. How did they do this? By embracing ever-evolving social trends and creating beautiful, and inspiring content to share with their readers. They not only make it look effortless to create daily, original content but they manage to seamlessly balance their family and small business with confidence, reflection and timely engagement with their audience. The chance to learn from this dynamic duo is invaluable. The investment in this program will no doubt pay off for any business, brand or influencer that is looking to increase revenue by investing in their social strategy."- Mary Bigham | Founder of DISHWORKS

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Customer Reviews

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Great guide!

I'm so excited to begin implementing all the helpful tips in this guide. It's realistic. I have purchased other guides before that require software and lots of time, but their advice in here is simple and totally do-able. It is others-focused which I absolutely love. It is also very affordable compared to other guides out there. Thank you!

Authentic, wise, practical advice!

I’ve paid for and read through many different Instagram marketing guides, and this is my favorite! They provide practical advice to give you the tools you need to find your Instagram voice and build an authentic following. Sometimes you just need those few tips that get you headed in the right direction for your business! I’m so thankful for this guide! It’s one I will refer to over and over again :)


Instagram is so hard to figure out. What works. What doesn’t work. How to. What to post. When to post. And the list goes on.
I’ve been doing this my art account @mewmaggieward for quite some time now and I have kinda figured out what works and what doesn’t for it. BUT I started my insta for my t-shirt company @maggiestshirtco and it’s so different! ‍♀️ It’s very difficult to come up with new and fun things to post. I always feel like I’m just saying the same thing over and over again.
So that’s why when I saw that the owners of Walk In Love. TJ and Brooke released an Instagram Strategy Guide I was soooooooo exciting!! I’ve read so many tips and tricks and blogs but none of them were by people I trusted! Anywho... got it and it’s so worth it!! SO WORTH IT! I was a little like will it really be worth it? Ask my Mom if I should get it, and she was like if you get at least one really good thing out of it it will be worth it. And man, there’s a lot in this that is so good.
Now some of the ideas are ones I have heard before and seen others use. But they explain and teach them so practically.
It’s awesome if you’ve been looking for a good Instagram Strategy Guide I totally recommend this one!

These guys really know their stuff!

TJ and Brooke really know their stuff! Great guide and worth the money!

Totally worth it

This! This guide helped me so much and not only that, but it comes with a private group where they communicate with you on things you are struggling with or what they see you could change.