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Thank you for visiting the walk in love. blog! We are so happy you've stopped by.  Every shirt we design, print and sell is created with a desire to draw you closer to Jesus.  Our blog content is created with that same desire.  We hope that on your daily visits to our blog you are inspired by everything we post.  We hope you see joy in our photos, passion in our art, humor in our team and inspiration in our words.  It's our goal to provide a daily place where you can come to be inspired, be lifted up and leave with a smile on your face or a happy tear in your eye!

T.J. Mousetis // 28 // T.J. is the founder of walk in love. and co-founder of VRSLY.  He is madly in love with his Brooke, enjoys video games, sports and helping people live out their dreams.  He and Brooke live in Manheim with their four cats.  You can read more of his blog posts here and follow him on Instagram - @tjmousetis

Brooke Mousetis // 27 // Brooke is the founder of Brooke Courtney Photography, co-founder of VRSLY and creative director of walk in love.  She is a nationally published wedding photographer and avid thrifter.  You can see more of her creative genius here and follow her on Instagram - @brookecourtney

Tess Coates // 23 // Tess is the studio manager and assistant to T.J. + Brooke.  She loves listening to music, her cat Piper and her boyfriend Jesse.  You can see more of her blog posts here and follow her on Instagram - @tesscoates

Liz Parrett // 24 // Liz is the assistant creative director of walk in love. and professional photographer at Brooke Courtney Photography.  She married her middle school sweetheart, Weston, and they are expecting their first born in July 2014.  You can see more of her blog posts here and follow her on Instagram - @elizabethparrett

Jeff Frandsen // 27 // Jeff is the co-founder of VRSLY, professional photographer for Brooke Courtney Photography and designer for walk in love.  He is currently engaged and planning to get married to his fiance, Liz, in July 2014.  He enjoys New York Mets baseball, hand type and quoting his favorite show The Office.  You can see more of his blog posts here and follow him on Instagram - @jefffrandsen

In 2014, we decided that brick-and-mortar retail stores weren't for us. So, we closed down our Stone Harbor, NJ and Lancaster, PA stores and moved our office and inventory to a new home in Manheim, PA.  We found an amazing space in our hometown filled with natural light, white walls and high ceilings.  It's a place where we feel inspired to create new content, art and products! We wanted it located in our little town of Manheim, PA so that we could walk to and from work, have local friends stop by and host the occasional workshop and warehouse sale for our amazing Lancaster fan base.  Our goal for the walk in love. studio is to provide an amazing work environment for our team to be creative!  We hope at some point you'll be able to make a warehouse sale, workshop or event!

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